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You Know You're Addicted to Supernatural When...

1. You ask yourself, "What Would Dean Do" when you are in a sticky situation.
2. When you hear a strange sound in the middle of the night and glance over to your shotgun... And the shotgun is loaded with rock salt.
3. When you find yourself calling people ‘Dude,’ a lot more than you did before.
4. When you decide to forego your wallet, keys, and cell phone in favor of salt, paper clips, and a lighter.
5. When you watch videos of Supernatural on youtube or photobucket when it's not on TV or just when you want to see Sam and Dean.
6. You search the web for any kind of pictures, news, information, personal information, upcoming events, appearances, or highlights of Jensen and Jared or the show.
7. You spend hours on fan sites.
8. You have pictures of Sam and Dean plastered all across your bedroom walls.
9. You have joined every single Facebook group that has anything to do with Supernatural or Jared or Jensen.
10. When you see previews of the show on TV you get really excited and cannot calm down because the show is just so awesome.
11. You always quote whatever Sam and Dean say on the show.
12. You have a special list on iTunes just for Supernatural songs.
13. You talk about it so much you’ve gotten other people into it.
14. You’ve researched urban legends that could be used on the show.
15. You’ve started thinking of salt as a weapon.
16. Other ghost hunter shows are just lame wanna-be hunters.
17. The word ‘hunter’ has taken on new meaning for you.
18. You’ve seen or plan on seeing any movie that the boys have quoted or mentioned.
19. You hate camping.
20. You bought rock salt, just in case.
21. You’ve taken an interest in Latin.
22. The Exorcist was lame, not just because of the lack of special effects, but because of all the mistakes you believe they made about exorcisms. You discuss other supernatural movies the same way.
23. Vampires are funny.
24. Clowns are creepy.
25. Doll collections are disturbing.
26. Scarecrows are fugly.
27. Demons you get. People are crazy.
28. You know all the signs of a spirit being around.
29. The smell of sulfur makes you think ‘demons’.
30. You think of ‘freak medical things’ differently.
31. You could educate your social studies teacher on the history of the Roanoke colony.
32. You and your sibling have started saying jerk/bitch to each other.
33. You own a Ouija board and have used it. Properly.
34. You’ve come up with a code system with your sibling to alert each other of danger.
35. You took a picture of the old antique painting of a family in your house and compare it to the real thing every once in a while, just to make sure it hasn’t changed.
36. You know the meaning of things like corporeal, electromagnetic frequency meter, Anasazi symbols, ectoplasm, and electronic voice phenomena.
37. When you wish you could come across some sort of demon so Dean and Sam could come and rescue you.
38. When you promise yourself that if you were to become a millionaire, you’d spend money on Supernatural memorabilia and hire artists to paint your room with images of Dean and Sam.
39. When you have this huge grin on your face when it’s Thursday.
40. When you try to search for any picture, video, fanfiction, banners, or wallpapers that have to do with Supernatural and load them all on your computer.
41. Dean-isms have become a standard part of your vocabulary.
42. Peanut M&M’s and black coffee are a common everyday occurrence in your diet.
43. You wear flannel more often than before you watched Supernatural.
44. You now know what the word 'Wendigo' means...and you shudder.
45. You've suddenly taken up interest in older cars. Especially the '67 Chevy Impalas.
46. When you hear 'Winchester', you don't think of the gun.
47. Or the mansion.
48. You've memorized each fake ID's the brothers use, and start investing in one.
49. When people you know start acting differently you immediately wonder if a shape shifter is to blame.
50. You come home and check the salt lines around the doors and windows to make sure you're still protected.
51. You schedule your classes, work hours, and hang-outs, so that they don't conflict with you watching Supernatural on Thursday nights.
52. Anyone says 'jerk' you immediately say 'bitch'.
53. You're suddenly feeling compelled to research old asylums in your area.
54. You think that coordinates might actually be a nifty way to tell people where you're at nowadays.
55. You really do wonder about Dead Man's Blood....
56. Humming Metallica calms your nerves... every time.
57. You instantly like anyone who says "okie-dokie".
58. When your watch stops, you call an exorcist instead of repair shop.
59. You like going to graveyards at night.
60. You blame every unsolved murder in your neighborhood on vengeful spirits.
61. You go searching the internet for protective medallions and such
62. Your mom yells at you for breaking her vase, and you blame a poltergeist.
63. You're salting the driveway from the snow, and you save some for the windowsills and doorways just in case. And you nicked some to just to keep with you, cause you never know!
64. You avoid stepping on chewing gum on the footpath, even though it is dried up and holds no danger...
65. You kick off the start of a new Supernatural season this year with a party. You make a gazzillion Supernatural themed cupcakes, and the next day hand them out to your friends and wish them a Happy Supernatural season. You also give out Supernatural party favors as well, such as a bag of peanut M&M's, a pinch of salt, and a diagram on how to draw a devil's trap... [This one was from! Thanks to who posted it!]
66. When you hear a Supernatural Classic Rock song on the radio, you can name the episode it was in.