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An angel is a spiritual supernatural being found in many religions. Although the nature of angels and the tasks given to them vary from tradition to tradition, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they often act as messengers from God. Other roles in religious traditions include acting as warrior or guard; the concept of a "guardian angel" is popular in modern Western culture.

Angels are usually viewed as emanations of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will or are merely extensions of the supreme being's will. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape.

There are a variety of definitions for the word "angel." Within all religions and cultures, angels are myths. What do we think about when we say the word angel? Maybe something amazing with wings and halos. People do describe them as wonderful beings. Angels are also believed to be immortal. Throughout this website, you will explore the mythology of angels, and how the idea of angels evolved.

The question of how many angels exist has been thought about by people for centuries. Old scriptures refer to grand numbers, their ranks are beyond count. "The prophet Daniel in the Bible envisioned heaven with at least one hundred million angels. In Kabbalah, Zohar states that six hundred million angels were created . In the Islamic tradition, they believe the Archangel Michael is responsible for 700 quadrillion cherubim alone."
-Encyclopedia of Angels, Guiley, Rosemary