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Abiku is a term used to describe a type of evil spirit in Yoruba mythology. They are reportedly constantly hungry and thirsty, and prefer to prey upon children. The name is also applied to spirits in the form of children who must repeatedly die and be reborn. When the children are diagnosed as being possessed by the abiku spirit, the affected child is severely scarred after death so when he or she comes back to life they are recognized and the necessary ceremonies are performed after death.

Abiku is an insatiable demon of the night which preys upon the Yoruba people of West Africa. Parents living in the little villages huddled deep in the forest are terrified of Abiku because of his diet consists of children. He relishes nothing better than a plump, newborn child. As soon as sun sets, perents rush their children into the huts. There they sometimes hide them under the blankets or mats so that Abiku won't find them. Abiku is thought to be a shapeless and smoke-like demon. However nobody can define how does it look like exactly. Everyone agrees on his principal peculiarity. He has no stomach and is therefore obliged to eat continuously because he never knows the satisfaction of feeling full.