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Though in Supernatural, Azazel is the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel is an enigmatic name from the Hebrew scriptures and Apocrypha, where the name is used interchangeably with Rameel and Gadriel. The word's first appearance is in Leviticus 16, where a goat is designated "for Azazel" and outcast in the desert as part of Yom Kippur.

The first appearance of the name "Azazel" is in Leviticus 16:8, when God orders the high priest Aaron to "place lots upon the 2 goats, one marked for the Lord and the other marked for Azazel" on the Jewish Day of Atonement. The goat designated by lot for the Lord is to be used as a sin offering, while the goat designated for Azazel "shall be left standing alive before the Lord, to make expiation with it and to send it off to the wilderness to Azazel" (Lev. 16:10). Aaron was to "lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat and confess over it all the iniquities and transgressions of the Israelites, whatever their sins, putting them on the head of the goat; and it shall be sent off to the wilderness by someone designated for the task. Thus the goat shall carry on it all their iniquities to an inaccessible region; and the goat shall be set free in the wilderness" (Lev. 16:21-22). Leviticus also says that "He who set the goat for Azazel free shall wash his clothes and bathe his body in water; after that he may reenter the camp" (16:26). This is the origin of the term scape-goat.

In Supernatural, Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon, is a powerful demonic force that killed the boys' mother and Sam's girlfriend Jessica. It planned on using a child it fed demon blood to on their six-month birthday as a soldier in its war, but was then killed. It did manage to get a Devil's Gate open, however, releasing hundreds of demons from hell, its 'army'. Like other demons, it left behind a sulfuric residue. Azazel was not affected by holy water, though it is unclear whether it was affected by salt. It was vulnerable to the Colt, however, and that's how the boys killed it.