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The Hunters of Supernatural:

John - deceased

John Winchester began hunting when his wife, Mary, was killed. He was quite well known for being an excellent hunter. He was killed by Azazel when he traded his life for his son, Dean's.

Dean Winchester began hunting at a young age with his father after his mother was killed by a demon. His father took Dean and his brother Sam on the road, killing demons, ghosts, and monsters, until they finally got the trail of the thing that killed their mother, 22 years later and killed it a year after that. He currently hunts with his brother Sam.

Sam Winchester learned that his father was not in fact a travelling salesman and was actually a hunter of things Supernatural (though clues had been dropped along the way) when he was eight years old. As he grew older, he took part in the hunting and learned a ton about it, known to his brother as an 'encyclopedia of weirdness'. He received psychic powers from Azazel, the demon that killed his mother, but when Dean finally killed Azazel the psychic powers disappeared. It is known, however, that Sam does have some demon blood in him and when Dean brought Sam back from the dead he might have come back slightly 'different'.
Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer is a hunter that occasionally helps out Sam and Dean. He got his start when his wife was possessed by a demon and attacked him, forcing him to defend himself with a knife. He runs a salvage yard for money and knows a lot about Supernatural things. He's started to appear in more episodes getting into the third season.
Jo Harvelle

Jo's interest in hunting began when her father was killed hunting. She developed her skills with some help from Ash, a family friend, and left home to pursue it. She hasn't appeared since season two.
Ellen Harvelle

Although knowledgable of supernatural phenomena, Ellen isn't a hunter per say. She has helped the boys out with things here and there though, such as the fact that GORDON was to HUNTER as HANNIBAL LECTER was to PSYCHIATRIST. She also helped with the Devil's Gate incident in AHBL P2. She is the mother of Jo Harvelle.

Tamara got her start when her daughter was killed by something supernatural. She blames the fact that the devil's gate opened on Sam and Dean because they were there. Not much else is known about her.
Issac - deceased

Issac, husband of Tamara, got his start in hunting when his and Tamara's daugher was killed. He was killed when a demon overpowered him and forced him to kill himself.
Ash - deceased

A genius from M.I.T. who got kicked out for fighting, Ash helped the boys out when they were tracking down Azazel. He died in a fire set by demons.
Gordon - desceased

A 'sadistic bastard', as called by Dean, Gordon got his start in hunting when a vampire turned his sister. He tracked her down and killed her himself. He was convinced that Sam was the Anti-Christ and tried to kill him, but Sam killed Gordon first.
Bela Talbot - presumed desceased

Described by Bobby as, "...pretty friggin' far from a hunter," Bela is actually a thief. She took what she knows, the truth about what's out there, and steals things for people, or, '...procures unique items for a select clientele.' She's basically a pain in the boys' sides and almost got them killed when she told Gordon where they were.

Partners with Kubrick, Creedy was a hunter who believed Kubruck when he said that Sam was the Anti-Christ. Appeared in only one episode.
Kubrick - deceased

Appeared in two episodes, dead set on killing Sam because he was convinced he was the Anti-Christ. Was killed by Gordon.

A psychic that lives back in Kansas who, 'pulled back the curtains' for John Winchester, showing him what's really out there. She helped the boys with a job once when a vengeful poltergeist was attacking a family.
Daniel Elkins - deceased

A hunter who specialized in vampires, he was John Winchester's mentor. He was killed by vampires and left John a letter telling him that he had the Colt, a gun that is said could kill anything, and in fact could.

A friend of John's back in the military days, Deacon knew about things supernatural, but called in the boys to help him with a vengeful spirit in the jail he worked at.
Pastor Jim - deceased

Knew about things supernatural. Helped out John Winchester when he went hunting, occasionally watching the boys for him when he went out on jobs. Was killed by Meg when she was on the warpath
Caleb - deceased

A hunter that worked with John for a while and had been consulted on a few things. Killed by Meg. Not much is known about him.
Richie - deceased

Worked with Dean on a job or two. Killed by Casey, the demon.

I had to put Michael on here as an honorary hunter because of what a great job he did being a big brother in Something Wicked being bait for the Shtriga so Sam and Dean could kill it. Brave little kid! I love this quote:

Michael: You said you're a big brother.
Dean: Yea.
Michael: You take care of your little brother? You'd do...anything for him?
Dean: Yea, I would.
Michael: Me too. I'll help.