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Recurring Guest Stars

Ellen Harvelle – Samantha Ferris

Ellen is the widow of hunter William Anthony Harvelle and the mother of Jo Harvelle. She knew John Winchester when he was still alive, and four months before his death she left a voice message for him offering help. The two had not spoken in some time due John's association with her husband's death. The two Winchester boys discover this voice message and meet her at her bar, which serves as a hang-out for hunters. She comes close to death when her bar is destroyed in a fire, but it turns out she’d left the bar to get prezels and was not hurt. She helps the boys with the Devil’s Gate and the Yellow-Eyed Demon, and her character has not appeared since.

Daughter of William & Ellen Harvelle. Her father died when she was a little girl during a hunt with John Winchester. She feels that being a hunter like her father is the best way she can honor his memory. After an argument with her mother about hunting, she moved to Minnesota and got a job as a bartender. She still continues to hunt. Once had a friendship with the Winchester brothers but after discovering it was their father that got her father killed she walked away from them. It was upon this that Dean Winchester decided Jo's blood would never be on his hands. He refuses to hunt with her. They have spoken only once since then, when Sam was possessed and used her as bait for Dean. When Dean left, he promised to call, but he didn’t.

Jo Harvelle – Alona Tal

Anna Milton - Julie McNiven

Anna Milton was being held in a psychiatric institution (Connor Beverley Behavioural Medicine Center) because she was trying to warn people the apocalypse is coming and she hears voices. She actually does hear voices - those of the angels. She knows that Lilith is trying to break The 66 Seals and release Lucifer. When a demon tries to kill her she manage to escape, seemingly using some form of psychic power in the process. She takes refuge in the church in which her father was deacon. Ruby have alerted Sam and Dean to her plight and they track her down, after finding her parents dead. She recognises them, she has heard the angels talking about Dean, as the one who may save them. She reveals some of them don't like Sam. Alastair then appears. He is immune to Sam's powers, and beats Dean, who had encountered him in Hell. In the chaos, Ruby takes Anna to safety, even though Anna is scared because she can see Ruby's demon face. Later Sam and Dean meet up with Ruby and Anna. Castiel and Uriel appear to take Anna, with Castiel announcing "She has to die." Anna is revealed to be angel, a former boss of Castiel and Uriel who chose to rip out her Grace and fall to Earth. This disobeying of orders is why the angels want to kill her. When she does finally get her Grace back, she disappears, and it is assumed she is an angel again.