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In the Hook Man legend, a young couple is parked at the local lover's lane. The place was dark and desolate so the boy parks the car, turns the lights off, and puts on the radio. There is some light music on the radio, and the two lovers begin making out. Suddenly, the music stops as an announcer cuts in. A psychopathic serial killer had just escaped from the state asylum, which just happened to be nearby. The one distinguishing and disturbing feature was a hook that the murderer had in place of one of his hands. The girl becomes rather distraught and asks to go home. The boy, who was not quite ready to go home, locks the doors and tells her that they will be fine. She becomes more and more insistent and continues pushing him away. He eventually gives in to her demand and starts the car. They tear out of the parking lot and speed home. When he pulls up to her house, she gets out of the car. As she goes to close the door, she begins screaming uncontrollably. The boy jumps out of the car and runs around to the other side to see what was causing the commotion. There, hanging on the door handle, was a bloody hook.
In Supernatural, the boys come upon the Hook Man in Eastern Iowa. It was being controlled by a young woman, who had no idea what the hell was going on, because of a silver cross she was wearing that was made out of melted down silver from the dead man's hook. The Hook Man claimed two victims, the girl's boyfriend and best friend, before Dean threw the necklace in a fire, destroying it.